If you manage staff, you’ll have experienced some conflict at some point. We have trained mediators who can work with your most challenging working relationships. In many scenarios, we may be able to resolve the issue early by facilitating a meeting between the staff which may only take an hour, however for more deep-rooted conflict formal mediation, has a very high success rate, and is certainly significantly cheaper than a tribunal case for all parties.

At Clear Focus Consult, we are aware that sometimes, it’s quite tricky for an employer to decide who’s right and who’s wrong, more often it’s impossible to conclude a ‘falling out’ that way.  A break down in working relationships may be due to a personality clash, cultural differences or poor communications, whatever the reason, it’s absolutely crucial that we ‘nip it in the bud’.

Our mediators and facilitators have years of experience in resolving conflict.  There are a few ground rules we set when starting a mediation process:

  • It is always voluntary either person can stop the meeting at any point
  • Each person gets their opportunity to make their feelings heard (in a controlled environment)
  • The outcome is decided between the parties, through skilled questioning techniques applied by the mediator.

To put it simply, in Employment Mediation is a useful method of either rebuilding working relationships or finding an alternative route forward.  Give us a call for a no obligation free consultation, and we’ll be very honest about whether this is the correct route for your business/staff.

Our Mediation fee is USD 210 per day.


1. Termination and Dismissal letters
2. Approval Letters
3. Confirmation Letters
4. Order of imposing fine as a punishment
5. Show cause Notice
6. Charge Sheet
7. Discharge Letter
8. Dismissal Order
9. Etc

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